A perfect blend of traditional handwork and technology

Halo Origem specialises in technologically advanced manufacture of natural leather hides. Using a unique water management system developed independently, engineered in house, Halo Origem reduces water effluent generation by 85%, chemical use by 40%, and ensures 100% recyclability of water back into the production process.

Certified by theLeather Working Group

Halo Origem is a certified member of the Leather Working Group, audited to Silver Standard.

The LWG Objectives are to promote sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry, using the LWG environmental audit protocol, to improve envoronmental stewardship.

Advanced Technology

State of the Art

Located in Brazil, Halo Origem operates a world class facility that features the latest advancements in reduced water use tanning and leather treatment, allowing us to make beautiful quality leather hides with only a fraction of the water used by typical tanneries.

Advanced Splitting and Thickening Technologies

Developed in house over decades, proprietary thickening technologies, low water dying technologies, and specialised drying and softening treatments, all ensure that water is used sparingly throughout the process, resulting in a more sustainable approach to leather tanning.

Inspection and Quality

Halo Origem takes great care to create hides of the highest quality. This starts at selection stage, and continues through all stages of production, employing decades of experience to ensure that quality is maintained at the highest level. This ensures that all hides are suitable for high quality traditional aniline dying techniques.

Using Water more sustainably

With decades of experience, Halo Origem has developed its own inhouse water treatment plant, which is very compact and efficient. All water used onsite in the treatment of leathers is supplied by a sophisticated rainwater collection facility that syphons water from the facility’s roof into the treatment process. Using water much more economically, all water is then collected, treated, and then recycled back into the tanning process, resulting in the elimination on site of water effluent, waste and runoff.


Leathers produced at Halo Origem are designed for use across a range of industries, and are supplied to brand name furniture, footwear, fashion and automotive sectors.

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