Uniquely Natural

Not all leathers are created equal. Most of the world’s leathers today are processed, pigmented, painted, stripped, and corrected, often with heavy layers of artificial coatings and treatments. Poor quality leather is often hidden underneath uniform artificial coatings that make them look more appealing. But while they look good brand new, they do not last. Scratches, stains, and stretching can quickly degrade the surface and furniture soon wears out.

Glide uses only special selections of top quality hides, and finishes them entirely by hand, using a process that can take up to 3 days for each hide. No heavy pigmentation, no grain correction, just translucent dyes that are worked deep into the leather while ensuring its magical, natural, properties are preserved.

Hand Tipped

A luxurious leather combining rich depth of colour with a soft buttery touch.

Secondary finish:Yes
Aniline type:Semi Aniline
Dye level:Top Dye