Uniquely Natural Leathers in Free Hand & Fat Luxe collections

Not all leathers are created equal. Most of the world’s leathers today are processed, pigmented, painted, stripped, and corrected, often with heavy layers of artificial coatings and treatments. Poor quality leather is often hidden underneath uniform artificial coatings that make them look more appealing. But while they look good brand new, they do not last. Scratches, stains, and stretching can quickly degrade the surface and furniture soon wears out.

Craftsmanship Leather
Natural Washed Chocolate 1 Copy

Halo uses only special selections of top quality hides, and finishes them entirely by hand, using a process that can take up to 3 days for each hide. No heavy pigmentation, no grain correction, just translucent dyes that are worked deep into the leather while ensuring its magical, natural, properties are preserved.

Upcycled Denim in Del Rey collections

Upcycling at its finest, Phoenix Upcycled is a collection of soft, natural, stonewashed fabrics. Bright and airy, each finish is reminiscent of nature, the sky and an ongoing love affair with denim.

Phoenix Upcycled Blue
Process Del Rey2

Vivid velvets in Pandemonium collections

Slightly shiny, short pile, rich, colorful printed pattern, really smooth hand feel

Bloom Emperors Clothes 3 Copy
Vivid Emperors Clothes

Reclaimed timbers in Free Claimed collections

Reclaimed boatwood, we bleach the surface colour to dry and sanded the surface, apply brown stain and base coating, use white wall paints & Grey wall paints, finish by sealing the finish with a PU top coating.

Dusty Grey
Craftsmanship Wood